1 ALT Coin for 500% Profit – Best ALT coins for 2022

1 ALT Coin for 500% Profit - Best ALT coins for 2022
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Hello friends I pushpendra singh In today's video we will talk about one such coin here. Which can give us a profit of up to 500 percent here very easily As you all know that this bearish market is going on and we also get a lot of oppurtunity in this market. There are many coins which are 70 percent down, 80 percent down, 90 percent down, infact 95 plus percent is also down There is no trend going on in this market Whenever the bearish market then a trend starts like DeFi first and then Metaverse Nft happened before Metaverse then Web 3 happened as soon as Web 3 market dump started happening Because from last 6 7 months only dump trend is going on in the market. Now there are many coins here which can give a good profit.

What we are going to talk about here is that one coin in one category So here we select multiple categories, in that we will talk about single coin. And that's why I'm talking Like if we talk inside the gaming industry so axs leads Inside the Game Industry there is one in every industry who is on top or whose fundamentals are strong? For example, if we talk about DeFi, then uni link, this coin is the coins that comes in the top category, inside the DeFi category. because first Uniswap was the only coin who created the most FOMO, created the hype, whose fundamentals are the strongest Which is also a coin of Oracle, in a way also supports Oracle So let's go straight above the list and talk about category wise one coin So here, whenever the bearish starts in an uptrend, there is a trend that follows.

This trend could also happen to DeFi, it could also happen to Nft, it could also happen to Web 3, this trend could happen to anyone. But this is not outcategory because if that coin is not in FOMO now, nothing is there then obviously that category may not be popular right now. So if I talk about Defi, then the biggest category inside Defi can be considered Uni and Link. I will give preference to the uni here because the uni has come down a lot.

It is for 5 dollars 28 Apart from this, breakout has started inside the link too, if you want to see it from $ 7 then you can also see it. But here if i talk about one coin, then I will do Uniswap, I will not do the link now. So whatever my investment goes under the DeFi category, it will go under Uniswap. I can't go inside the avax right now because there's a lot of stuff going on inside AWAX so my preference is for Uniswap so my first coin in the DeFi category is Uni Next category is nft.In Nft that you must have seen a lot of hype, you must have read many of my articles too.

You must have seen many things about Nft inside the market. Recently one such coin who has created a special FOMO inside the nft its name is ape, this coin was traded till 21 22 dollars, went up to 28 also Now it has come around 6 dollars, under 5 to 6 dollars if you want to buy small quantity then you can definitely do it. Because this coin can give 20 to 30 dollars easily Cause it's not a big deal to go up to 30 dollars for this coin Because even when the market was not bullish, it has come down to $20 Next category is gaming category then most popular in it is axs Coin So you can see the Axs because there's a lot of hype inside the Axs there's FOMO so you can see it Next category is metaverse so my first coin inside it is mana coin So mana I am selecting here because it has been down in the trend of 7 days. It has definitely increased by 6% in the last 24 hours but it is undervalue coin right now.

And this is the one coin that made all the other projects here that didn't even belong to the Metaverse category. There were a lot of projects that saw Metverse's hype growing and they started getting built and they became Metverse's coins. But here it is not so with the mana, the mana had come from the beginning in the category of metaverse. That's why my preference will be for the mana coin in the metaverse category. moving on to next category or you can say next chain so it is polkadot inside polkadot we get link option as well as dot option. so dot is much under-valued just now dot has hit $50 already And just hit $7 So if we get it for $7 to $9 then I would say it could be a very big buy in terms of long term. So Polkadot's Ecosystem You can see accordingly that Polkadot's coinmarketsp has also created a separate category So you can see what level of coin this is, it must have given you an idea.

So that's why my preference here is that you can see the polkadot Because dot is a very good coin according to me, it can give very good benefits There are many users who have bought many coins at a very high level. It is not that you have not bought above, so according to me it is very good Now here let's talk about L2 solution, so my preference for layer 2 will be that of Matic coin. Apart from these, I am not going to buy any new coin here.

Why am I selecting this coin, I will tell in a little detail so that the new user can understand well if the trend of NFT has started first, then the trend of gaming has started then axs coin is going to lead in gaming. so my preference in gaming is axs. so first axs will pump. As soon as the axs pump is done, first of all take out its profit, which is the second number coin, the third number coin is can move in it And this is what happens first of all to make profit by moving from bearish market to bullish market. make a good money in the market by multiplying the profit Because when the bull market starts then all the coins are pumped but whose number will come when it depends on its sequence and trend. If the trend of Nft comes, then the coins of Nft will be pumped. Ethereum and this will run by default but there will be many projects which will take out the entire bull market but they will not perform at all In such a situation, our selection should be a correct selection, so hope the rules of all the coins must have been known here.

So one coin one category has to buy according to the study is simple. inside polkadot is dot inside metaverse is mana You can see the ape coin inside the nft, ape also belong inside the metaverse in defi you can see uni aur link both or you can divide both 50 50 percent. So simple strategy simply follow whatever trend will follow, whatever industry will trend this is your best friend Trend is going on for Nft, you know which coin of Nft is to be pumped and your profit will be first on that Sometimes we load such coins and keep the entire bull market and there is no performance in them.

You can also see the native coins of many exchanges and you must also understand which coin I am talking about. So the down trend happened inside those coins even in the bullish market Because they did not have any fundamentals so we should keep such coins which have blue chip inside in dump market In whom there has been a good dump, whose fundamentals are also strong, who are at the top in their category. so obviously you should jump in these coins. i hope you like the video don't go without like subscribe the channel like video let me know in the comments which coins you are holding so if you comment So maybe I can make a detailed analysis video about them too. And what coins does our community hold. Whatever news is there for them, I can share it with all of you. Smart View is our one channel on which news comes regularly so that we can share such news in which you are interested see you in next update thank you very much

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