Algorithmic Trading System Architecture is the core of Automated Forex Trading

automated forex trading

Algorithmic Trading System Architecture is the core of Automated Forex Trading. Fintechee’s WEB Trader offers supporting for Algo TradingAlgorithmic Trading.

Automated Forex Trading is a feature that Fintechee WEB Trader’s frontend provides. It helps traders monitor the market and generates trading signals.

Because the market movements are too fast to catch up with and human beings can’t monitor the movements anytime, automation of monitoring becomes necessary. By automated Forex trading, you don’t need to sit in front of your PC 24/7.

Automated Forex Tradin

WEB Based

Our “Algorithmic Trading System Architecture” feature is WEB-based. So it’s platform agnostic. No matter your OS is Linux or Mac or Windows OS, the EAs can run.

Mobile First

Traders can run EAs on their mobile browsers when they have business trips or have poor problems caused by Windows OS’s non-notification restart after updating.

Multiple Accounts Management

On our WEB trader, EAs can help traders track trades records and manage their multiple accounts simultaneously.

Custom Indicator

Other trading platforms provide built-in indicators that can’t be customized. On the contrary, our WEB trader makes it possible for traders to customize their own indicators by their own algorithms.

Multiple Charts management

On our WEB trader, one EA can manage multiple charts simultaneously, which is very important to help traders monitor different quote sources at the same time and make correct decisions from a global perspective.

Artificial Intelligence

We made an algorithmic trading system architecture to allow traders to integrate with any other JS libraries. Some JS libraries that support Artificial Intelligence will help traders analyze markets more precisely.

SDK Trading

  • No worries to learn about Object-Oriented Programming. Our SDK trading is designed for every type of trader with different technology skills.
  • Our front-end APIs are based on reactive programming technology which helps speed up transferring data and promotes the response time by non-block calling.


We have registered patents to make exclusive experience enjoyable only here.

Tutorial Video(Expert Advisor Tutorial)

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tutorial Video(Artificial Intelligence for Algorithmic Trading System Architecture)

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tutorial for Forex Trading

Regarding how to code custom indicator and EA for automated Forex trading, please refer to our tutorials: Custom Indicator TutorialExpert Advisor Tutorial.

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