Best Bitcoin Wallet of 2022 (in 2 minutes)

Best Bitcoin Wallet of 2022 (in 2 minutes)
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Bitcoin is by far the most popular
cryptocurrency around, but finding the best Bitcoin wallet
for your needs is not an easy task. I’m Nate Martin, and we’re going to give you 99Bitcoins’
top 3 picks for the best Bitcoin wallets in our 2…minute…review. Choosing the right type of Bitcoin wallet
depends a lot on your specific needs and your personality. If your main requirements
are storing large amounts of coins with security and usability, then your best option is a hardware wallet
such as the Ledger Nano X or the TREZOR Model T.

Both wallets are ultra secure,
easy to use, support a wide variety of coins
along with Bitcoin and have a proven track record. The Nano X has the upper hand when it comes to mobile
phone connectivity and a lower price tag, while the Model T’s open source code
makes it the preferred choice for security enthusiasts. If you don’t want to spend money
on a hardware wallet then the most feature rich
Bitcoin software wallet is Electrum. This open source, Bitcoin-only wallet
started out in 2011 and has been the pinnacle
of Bitcoin wallets ever since. While its user interface
isn’t very appealing, Electrum is a powerhouse
for storing and managing Bitcoin. Its features include multisig,
offline signing of transactions, address labeling,
replace by fee and more. Electrum is available for most
popular platforms except for iOS. It can also work together
with a hardware wallet, giving you a combined experience
of security packed with an impressive
variety of features. Finally,
if you’re a complete privacy buff, that doesn’t want to rely on anyone else
but themselves and are looking for complete sovereignty,
download the Bitcoin-Core wallet. This Bitcoin-only wallet downloads
the complete Bitcoin blockchain to your computer giving you the ability
to verify every Bitcoin transaction on the network independently.

Additional features include
increased privacy, transaction fee management and helping keep the Bitcoin network
more secure. On the downside, you’ll need several hundred gigabytes
of free space making it compatible
only with a desktop computer. Also, its user interface is very technical, so if you’re not tech savvy
this is not the wallet for you. That’s our top 3 picks for the best
in cryptocurrency wallets. For more information and detailed reviews
about these and other wallets, check the links in the description
below this video.

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