#Bitcoin Trading to Earn Money | When to Buy or Sell Crypto Currency

#Bitcoin Trading to Earn Money | When to Buy or Sell Crypto Currency | Financial Education
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Warren Buffet says that be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful, and this is the way to make money in the market. Now when Warren Buffett says this, why is he saying this? Well, we just recently did a video on the cryptocurrency. We have received a very good response to that video and there are a lot of questions as well. Many of you were asking that sir if you want to trade inside bitcoin then how to do it. What is the platform, how will we make money by trading? You Hear it from most people that you put money in cryptocurrency and money becomes multiplication. If you had invested so many years ago, this much would have increased and would have been so much. Well, definitely such that the prices of cryptocurrency are increasing very fast. But do all cryptocurrencies increase their money? What is the kind of strategy that by using it, you most of the time, means not always but cryptocurrency is a world where the risk is too much? But some people tell us that if there is a risk, then there is love.

Wow, wonderful, if you think so. Because definitely If there is a risk then the growth is also very high. But because the growth is very high, how much it is risky, and what strategy should be used in it, then most people say that bitcoin trading has become so much. it is 40 lakhs, then after 40 lakhs, if you invest more then it will reach here. How true and how false is this,You are going to know everything. Well, when we made the video and the comments came, after what happened, it was very interesting. I will show you on my mobile phone right now. Let’s open an application here. This application is CoinDCX go. What you will see on this application, that when you are looking at all the popular cryptocurrencies, their price is going down.

Bitcoin price is falling. The price of there is also falling. Bitcoin trading cash is falling and although ether was at its all-time high yesterday. But it broke 10% in just one day All the cryptocurrencies are breaking. And if you listen to other influencers then what will they say, they say that when the cryptocurrency is growing, make investing in it. If you invest, the money will increase. But I want to tell you something else. Look here, all their price is falling. Why is it breaking now? If you watch old videos, you will understand a lot. But what should you learn when the price is falling because I tell you every time that you see a lot and you learn very little then what to learn here? See this cryptocurrency is very different from the stock market but now let me show you something else.

Here is the coin, Here We talk about dogecoin. Now it is almost 18.69. open it. Now come to its chart. What will you see in the charts, I show you here. I have taken a picture for you here too. You will see that, which was the low for one year, it was 0.15 paisa, all-time low the all-time high that has just gone is ₹ 35. It was the same as last week, 35.90. This is its all-time high here. Within 1 year it was 15 paise. Not for ₹ 15. If it was ₹ 1, then money increased 35 times in 1 year. But brother, how the increase is it, you will see. I calculate it because it is a matter of money. 35.90 divide by 0.15, it is increased by 239 times, my God. if someone put ₹ 100000. If someone put ₹ 100000 then it became two crore thirty-nine lakh rupees by just put ₹ 100000. Meaning so many times returns, money increasing more than 200 times.

What is this thing and why is it growing? I am talking about doge coins. I am talking about specifying a coin. You have already seen the graph of bitcoin before in this manner. You have seen the graph of Ethereum. If you study, but I am going to tell you something different then we’ll talk about the same. Now we are talking about bitcoin trading. It is breaking right now; it is very interesting. Understand it, the price is going down now, if you see one year, then the price used to go up here. But here 1 year ago the price was just ₹ 500000. But happened exactly, it is at 3600000 rupees right now. Before this, it was almost ₹ 4700000. What is this thing? Many people do not understand what is going on. On which base it is growing only on demand and supply? Now I will give you a very interesting example because I am going to teach you a strategy that works in the bitcoin industry and it works in the cryptocurrency industry. Now here understand this then we move further, imagine that there is a bucket here.

This is a bucket. Now the bucket here has water inside it. There is water here. If a man comes and there, he comes with a mug that has water inside it and he pours it inside a bucket. If he puts a mug inside the bucket, what will happen then, its price will increase a bit. Here Assume it is the price, it is increasing, if Someone pours water in it and if Someone withdraws water from it, then the level will go down and the price will go down. You just understand this, this is the world of cryptocurrency. Now let me tell you a very interesting thing because it is very important for you. This is what I was showing you a graph of bitcoin. This is what I was showing you the graph of bitcoin. There is some other interesting thing here. First, we come here. I will take specific dates. 7th February, the price of bitcoin is rupees 28 lakh, on 7 February 2021. Rs 28 lakhs is on 7 February, only just after one day. What will be the price, how much can it increase, how much could be increased in 1 day? So over ₹ 500000, on 8th, it went above Rs.

3300000, in just one day. This is almost ₹ 3400000, in just one day, is this magic. What happened, why did this happen? If you will watch the last video on bitcoin, I mentioned institutional investors, absolutely Tesla Invested in Bitcoin, it Invested 1.5 billion and When it Invested? on 8th February. Means 1.5 billion dollars Invested in Bitcoin around 8 February. Exactly something like that a mug gets molded inside a bucket and the price rises and if that mug will be removed from the bucket, Then the price will be down. Now there is something very important for you to learn because till now you are just looking. Come on, I do not teach, we have any strategy which works in the cryptocurrency industry.

Let me tell you because it is as I told you it is very interesting, so we are talking over it. Look, this price was increased in 1 day when we are talking about 1 day, ₹ 500000 increased. I am giving you a rule here. What is the meaning of the rule that poor people? The Poor People, Will Always lose money in trading but the rich will multiply Their money. So, rule number one is, rich will multiply their money and the poor person sinks their money. A rich person multiplies money. This is rule number one. Now how it works in cryptocurrency if you knew it. If you knew this thing that Before today, you may not know that Tesla is going to put money in bitcoin.

If You Knew this news and you would do your planning according to it and on the day, tesla invested money inside it, what happened if you also Invested on that day. Just think if a rich person is investing so much money, is the investing to drown, or is he investing for multiplying. The answer is, investing for multiplying. When the money will increase, then he will withdraw money gradually. He will cash it When rich people invest, they invest it by multiplying their money. I have explained this very well in the last video.

If you would go according to them. It is also said in the stock market by big institutions. When a mutual fund is buying any stock then you can buy it too. Because you will invest up to 10 lakhs to 1 crore and they would invest ten thousand crores. So, because they are putting money in. One, the stock can grow by that. We cannot compare the stock market with it, But I’m telling you if you do what rich people are doing, you can make money in the stock market and you can make money in the cryptocurrency market. It works the same. It works here the same. If money comes, money will increase. What happened to dogecoin, it increased by 15 paise means it Increased by 200 times. How it Increased, it goes to ₹ 35, Now you might think that ₹ 35 is not a big deal. You think if you are thinking ₹ 35 according to Today if you buy ₹ 1000 coins, then there will be an investment of 35000.

If here it would be ₹ 35, it was coming down here. What are you looking at here? You see fluctuation here, there is too much fluctuation here, but when money can increase, talk about it. If you will do what rich people do, then what do rich people do? They move the market This Is Rule number two, so let me show you something else also. Elon Musk has tweeted about doge coins several times. Elon musk tweets on dogecoin. So, here when Elon musk tweeted, I can show some tweets in the images. See, there is little clarity. Dogecoin is peoples crypto. One word doge. Bitcoin is almost as Biggest Fate money. He is promoting dogecoin. Because a tweet of this means so much, He also talked about the stock market, about some shares earlier, he also increased them. Just when there was some problem on WhatsApp, he promoted the signal and the download of the signal had increased. So, he is a big person, many people follow him. So, what did he do, when he tweeted constantly about dogecoin? The Dogecoin rate started going up.

If a rich person is doing something. If you follow that strategy, you can multiply your money than what is the mistake people make. People waste all their money. What mistake they do; they invest in an all-time high. when anything is on its all-time high, they do invest then. When you need to invest just after this if you have seen the video before it. We talked about it, then the market will always crash, which video was on the stock market. It is the fundamental rule, that market will also crash.

So, the cryptocurrency market has no limit on how much it can come down and no limit on how much it can go up. But when you see that a price is coming that has not come for many weeks or many months. This could be the right time to invest. If you want to, otherwise if you invest here, you can lose your money So, at this time, because I was telling you, the market is at its all-time low and if you have to try the cryptocurrency right now and if you want to trade cryptocurrency then do it when everything is broken. And here, I have kept this app in my phone, because I have kept it for testing because I only promote anything When I tested, and I want to see the price of everything, so better I search different times on Google. Better than that, all the coins are seen in a single app, so what is here. Here you can see the chart or graph of any coin.

Here you will get a chart of how it is moving. Going up or coming down you can see the chart and even more you can analyze that 1-week chart or 1-month chart or you can analyze so many things, now, if you are analyzing and you see that it is going down. When it has gone down to a great extent, then you can think about making an investment in it. And one does not necessarily have to invest all the money to invest in it.

It is very important. Do not invest all your money, you start with a small amount of investment. Now as you can see a lot of coins here. Now, for example, you want to buy bitcoin. You want to buy only for ₹ 10. you can buy BTC within ₹ 10 As you will swipe to buy, that it, you have bought BTC. Here I bought some coins in dogecoin for ₹ 26, and I sold them for ₹ 30, just to test. I took the money out of it, first I put it and then I withdrew it, and I left the profit in it. Now the profit that was made here, my coins are lying here, so my coins are lying here.

How many minutes did it take to get into my account? One minute It is very important here that if you are doing any investment then it should be safe, I chose this platform because whatever money you had here is secured it is insured. So, because it is insured, you can download the app if you want to. You can download this app by going to the description and comment box of this video. What is the biggest advantage? You can see which coin is increasing and which one is decreasing. Now you can start trading even with 100 rupees, so I will put the link in the description and a comment box You can download this app and see Do not invest in cryptocurrency just like crazy, there is so much to learn, so there is a platform, I have something for you too. Because I have to train you and I have started learning a lot. There is a platform called www.dcxlearn.com I will again put the link in the description or in the comment box below.

You go into it and read about cryptocurrency first, then you do major investment, you have to understand. If you have a lot of doubt then it will be clear from here, then cryptocurrency is a market that is very much volatile. It Can increase too much. It can decrease too much. So, you invest as much as you are ready to lose, and you can do it for fun and invest money when the price is going down. Not that it is growing up and you Put money there, then you have more chances to lose your money and I hope you understand this strategy that, if you want to invest money in any market, not only in cryptocurrency, then invest money when the market is going down, the price is going down. Not that, the price is Increased too much, and We buy them in excitement. What people do, they keep seeing that it is speculating, it is going up, Buy Now. That is Not Right so what is right For You What Is Not Right for you, you have to realize by yourself.

But here, I can explain to you the things by which you will have profit. I hope that this video will add some value to your life. What you liked most in the video, tell me by comment. If you have any more doubts. See, we are making videos for you on your views and your comments, so do comment below. Next video above which topic you want. Like this video quickly to give your love. Share it with all of your friends, so that they can also understand that this is such a strategy, by which they can earn money by trading within the cryptocurrency. Most people lose, so we will not live with most people. We will use our minds a little bit.

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