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Sidechains RSK

Sidechains on Top of Bitcoin’s Network: RSK & Liquid

CONTENTS: How do Sidechains work? What are Federations? Security in Sidechains Sidechains on Top of Bitcoin’s Network: RSK & Liquid #1 Rootstock Sidechain details #2 Liquid Sidechains on Top of Bitcoin – Conclusion Sidechains, as a concept, have been around for quite some time now. The idea is to have a blockchain that runs parallel to…

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Crypto NFT – A New World of Fine Art by Andrew Zapotochny

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have disrupted nearly all areas of human interaction and expression. From entertainment to financial services, it has made its way to glory and fame. An interesting domain it managed to fit right into is the arts industry. What are Crypto NFT? Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are ERC-721 tokens hosted on the ethereum blockchain. Non-fungible…

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What is Blockchain Governance

What is Blockchain Governance: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we discuss blockchain governance! CONTENT: Governance Format Representative Governance What is Blockchain Governance? Why is it so Important? Who’s Responsible for Blockchain Governance? Elements of Blockchain Governances Blockchain Governance Strategies: Off-Chain Vs On-Chain Challenges of On-Chain Governance Some On-Chain Governed Blockchain Projects Conclusion In simple terms, “Governance” is a structure that every user or…

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What is Hashing & Digital Signature in The Blockchain?

  Hi, everyone. Today, we’re going to be talking about the word blockchain and breaking it down to understand what does it mean when someone says, “Blockchain.” We’re going to take the time to understand the cryptography behind the blockchain technology. There are two main cryptographic concepts that underpin blockchain technology. The first is hashing, and the…

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Satoshi Nakamoto - Defi On Bitcoin

Defi On Bitcoin: Decentralized Exchanges & Stablecoins on top of Bitcoin´s Network

DeFi is a revolutionary innovation that allows developers to leverage blockchain technology and create a whole new financial product class. Until now, the Ethereum blockchain has been the playground for DeFi developers. However, through RSK, the Bitcoin blockchain may soon usurp the throne. Today, let’s check out the potential of different DeFi applications on Bitcoin. Why…

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Understanding Cryptocurrency

Understanding Cryptocurrency Market Fundamentals

Overview In this course, David walks you through all the basics of understanding cryptocurrency markets. Ever wondered what market cap means? What liquidity is, and how it affects token prices? What is a coin’s circulating supply, and what does that mean for the network? We’ll answer all of those questions and more in this beginner’s…

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digital currency

Crypto Investing Masterclass: Live! Oct 15th – Nov 9

Crypto investing can be incredibly rewarding and it’s also incredibly risky. Are you confident in your crypto investing strategy? Do you have a documented strategy aligned with your risk profile? Would you like to know how to minimize risk and maximize your profit potential? Announcing the Blockgeeks Crypto Investing Masterclass! 6 World-class crypto investing professionals share…

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7 Best Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchanges

7 Best Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews – 2021

Heading into 2021, buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Canada can be a difficult process. Yes, there are a lot of options, but there are also a lot of factors to consider when choosing which platform is right for you. In this article, we break down what details to consider, and rate our top Canadian cryptocurrency exchange available specifically to…

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How To Become A Blockchain Developer - Blockgeek

Exploring Blockchain Principles – BlockGeeks Course

Overview: Exploring Blockchain Principles Join David for a conceptual look at blockchain systems and how they work. You’ll learn the key principles that underlie all good systems and networks in the world, whether they’re blockchains, businesses, or algorithms. This beginner course serves as an excellent primer to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, introducing you to the…

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Top Four Smart Contract Platforms: An In-Depth Analysis

In this deep dive guide of Smart Contract Platforms Comparison, we are going to be comparing four of the most promising smart contract platforms out there – Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, and RSK. So before we go into comparing these platforms, let’s get a quick understanding of smart contracts. Smart Contracts may end up becoming one of the most important inventions…

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What is DeFi?

Why DeFi Coin is Fundamentally Strong

Why DeFi Coin is Fundamentally Strong Despite Correction in Ethereum, ERC-20 Tokens By Ameer Rosic Since the highs of August and September, top coins in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere have plunged dramatically. VirgoX market data indicates that coins such as Chainlink (LINK), Curve DAO Token (CRV), and (YFI) have dropped in excess of 50% from…

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blockchain security

3 Reasons Why Blockchain Security Matters to Enterprises

Blockchain security refers to the way in which a crypto network is secured, both against attack from external actors, and to ensure that its network rules are upheld. The stronger the security of a chain, the harder it is to cheat by double spending a transaction or rolling the chain back to a former state.…

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What Is Blockchain Forks?

DeFi 101 – Get on the #Defi Train [UPDATED]

In this course you’ll learn: As the crypto-space continues to disrupt various industries, it has also begun to gain mainstream attention. With it, Decentralized Finance has emerged as a nascent space that can truly revolutionize financial markets – but how? And What exactly is Decentralized Finance anyway? In this video, we break down traditional financial…

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