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How And Why You Would Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

TRANSCRIPTION with timestamps to follow video: How And Why You Would Create Your Own Cryptocurrency All right, folks. So welcome to this quick training on how and why you would create your own cryptocurrency. Now, this is not an actual step by step tutorial. It’s not a technical tutorial on how to actually do the…

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Mastering Digital Currency – What is cryptocurrency? | Mining Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, such as the rupee or the US dollar, but is digital in format and uses encryption techniques to both control the creation of monetary units and to verify the exchange of money. It is decentralized digital money that’s based on blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the world’s best-known cryptocurrency

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What You Need to Know about Cryptocurrency

You have probably heard some of your friends and family members chatting about cryptocurrency and how it’s the “future of money.” Maybe you found out about it from an ad or a social media post. Perhaps your curiosity brought you to this very article. Whichever the case may be, the next few paragraphs will discuss…

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How to Get an Axie Infinity Scholarship

Axie Infinity is one of the hottest and biggest play-to-earn game today, especially in the Philippines. If you didn’t know already, its card game-based gameplay is similar of that of Pokémon where players have creatures called “Axies” that they use to battle against other players and win SLP or “Smooth Love Potion”, the in-game currency.…

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Crypto Investing Masterclass – Want A ‘Genuine’ Cryptoeconomics Degree?

Crypto Investing Masterclass UPCOMING Fall 2021 CLASS PERIOD Oct 15 – Nov 9, 2021 REGISTRATION DEADLINE Oct 14, 2021 Join Today$1475 With Dmitry Buterin, Miko Matsumura, Taiki Maeda and others. A four-week Masterclass where professional crypto investors share battle tested tactics and frameworks to help you build a personalized crypto investment strategy you can trust. Crypto is the emerging asset class rewriting the rules of…

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