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Bitcoin current price is (BTC Price) $19,563.78 0.62% (24hrs)

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocoin ever built on top of a blockchain. The cryptocurrency was invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency began use in 2009 when its implementation was released as open-source software.

The entire cryptocurrency market — now worth more than $300 billion — is based on the idea realized by Bitcoin: money that can be sent and received by anyone, anywhere in the world without reliance on trusted intermediaries, such as banks and financial services companies.

The price of Bitcoin right now is $19,563.78. Its price is ↑ 0.62% up in the last 24 hours.

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btc price - the price of bitcoin right now

  • News - 29 September 2022, 6:30 pm

    Users in 100 countries can now connect their digital wallets, post and share nonfungible tokens. Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, announced another development in its digital arts initiative. As of Sept. 29, all users on both platforms can connect wallets and share nonfungible tokens (NFTs) across 100 countries. As part of the feature, which has been in testing since May, users will be able to tag creators and collectors, and cross-post digital collectibles between platforms without paying any fees. Everyone on @instagram and @facebook can now share their digital collectibles in the US, and on Instagram in the previously announced 100+ countries. Creators like artist Lívia Elektra are sharing their #NFTs on our apps.— Meta Newsroom (@MetaNewsroom) September 29, 2022 In August, Meta started allowing users to post digital collectibles that they own across Facebook and Instagram and announced an international expansion to countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas. The company also added support with third-party wallets such as Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet and Dapper Wallet, along with support for the Ethereum, Polygon and Flow’ blockchains. Several Twitter users expressed concern regarding the safety and privacy of the data transmitted by connecting digital wallets to Meta’s platform at that time. In April 2021, sensitive personal information for over half a billion Facebook users was leaked on a well-trafficked hacking forum.According to Statista figures, Facebook and Instagram have 2.9 billion and 1.4 billion monthly…Read More

  • News - 29 September 2022, 5:44 pm

    The ECB’s two-year investigative phase is halfway completed, with key use and policy issues clarified; more stakeholder engagement is planned before the decision is made to proceed. The European Central Bank (ECB) Eurosystem digital euro project’s two-year investigative phase has reached its halfway point. The ECB published a progress report Sept. 29 that looked at design and policy issues that are under consideration or have been decided.The report said commerce in physical stores and online is the biggest use case for a euro central bank digital currency (CBDC). Currently, most digital payment solutions are limited in reach and not of European origin. Thus, a digital euro could harmonize payment solutions and strengthen European strategic autonomy in line with policy goals. The report said:“A digital euro would preserve the role of public money as the anchor of the payments system in the digital age. It would ensure the smooth coexistence, convertibility and complementarity of the various forms that money takes.”The ECB Governing Council has approved exploration of online payments validated by a third party as part of a first digital euro release, as well as an offline peer-to-peer validated solution with no timeline. Online peer-to-peer solutions will not be pursued further in this phase.Related: European Central Bank chooses Amazon and 4 other firms to prototype digital euro appAnti-Money Laundering requirements and the desire to limit the CBDC’s use in investments prevent the full anonymity of a digital euro, but the report…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 29 September 2022, 5:30 pm

    The monetary authorities of four jurisdictions in Asia have carried out tests with international settlements using state-issued digital currencies. Cross-border payments and foreign exchange transactions totaling over $22 million were made as part of the pilot project with the participation of the Bank for International Settlements. Asian Central Banks Pilot Real-Value International Settlements With Digital […]Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 29 September 2022, 5:00 pm

    PRESS RELEASE. GensoKishi Online is excited to announce that on September 29th, 2022 10AM(UTC), their in-game token ROND will be listed on Bybit, a leading crypto asset exchange. GensoKishi, the web3 sequel to the award-winning Nintendo Switch/PS4 game “Elemental Knights”, has undoubtedly become the most anticipated GameFi title to have originated from Japan. Now, GensoKishi […]Read More

  • News - 29 September 2022, 4:30 pm

    The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield recently hit its highest level in 12 years, but how might this impact investors’ sentiment toward stocks and cryptocurrencies? Across all tradeable markets and currencies, U.S. Treasurys — government bonds — have significant influence. In finance, any risk measurement is relative, meaning, if one insures a house, the maximum liability is set in some form of money. Similarly, if a loan is taken from a bank, the creditor has to calculate the odds of the money not being returned and the risk of the amount being devalued by inflation.In a worst-case scenario, let’s imagine what would happen to the costs associated with issuing debt if the U.S. government temporarily suspended payments to specific regions or countries. Currently, there is over $7.6 trillion worth of bonds held by foreign entities, and multiple banks and governments depend on this cash flow.The potential cascading effect from countries and financial institutions would immediately impact their ability to settle imports and exports, leading to further carnage in the lending markets because every participant would rush to reduce risk exposure. There is over $24 trillion in U.S. Treasurys held by the general public, so participants generally assume that the lowest risk in existence is a government-backed debt title.Treasury yield is nominal, so mind the inflationThe yield that is widely covered by the media is not what professional investors trade, because each bond has its own price. However, based on the contract maturity,…Read More

  • News - 29 September 2022, 4:21 pm

    Though the SEC has pursued many enforcement actions related to initial coin offerings, the regulator’s stance on airdrops’ role in alleged token schemes is unclear. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, has announced charges against Hydrogen Technology Corporation and its market marker Moonwalkers Trading Limited related to allegedly perpetrating a scheme to manipulate the trading volume and price of Hydro tokens.In a Sept. 28 announcement, the SEC said former Hydrogen CEO Michael Ross Kane hired Moonwalkers and its CEO Tyler Ostern “to create the false appearance of robust market activity” following the distribution of Hydro tokens through an airdrop, bounty programs and direct sales in 2018. Kane then had Moonwalkers sell the tokens in the “artificially inflated market” for more than $2 million in profit on behalf of Hydrogen.“As we allege, the defendants profited from their manipulation by creating a misleading picture of Hydro’s market activity,” said Joseph Sansone, chief of the SEC Enforcement Division’s market abuse unit. “The SEC is committed to ensuring fair markets for all types of securities and will continue to expose and hold market manipulators accountable.”According to the SEC, Kane’s, Ostern’s and the companies’ actions constituted manipulation of the crypto market, violating provisions of U.S. securities laws. The regulator reported Ostern had consented to pay more than $40,000 in disgorgement and interest, subject to approval by a New York federal court “with civil monetary penalties to be determined at a later date.”…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 29 September 2022, 4:00 pm

    While bitcoin is down more than 72% from the crypto asset’s all-time high, bitcoin mining operations are expanding at a rapid pace during the downturn. On Tuesday, the bitcoin miner Cleanspark said its hashrate has surpassed 4 exahash per second (EH/s), and the Texas mining company Rhodium revealed it raised $11.9 million, according to a […]Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 29 September 2022, 3:30 pm

    Solana rose for a second straight day on Thursday, as the token moved closer to its long-term resistance point of $35.00. Monero was also in the green during today’s session, extending recent gains in the process. Overall, markets attempted to rebound, following a red wave which swept through markets to start the week. Solana (SOL) […]Read More

  • News - 29 September 2022, 3:20 pm

    Politicians continue to argue about whether the U.S. economy is in a recession, even as data highlights two consecutive quarters of negative growth. Meanwhile, BTC holds $19,000, for now. Bitcoin (BTC) wobbled in its narrow trading range at the Sept. 29 Wall Street open as official data put the United States economy in recession. BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewU.S. meets technical definition of recessionData from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD still hovering just above $19,000 at the time of writing.The pair weathered gloomy figures for the United States, with the second quarter gross domestic product (GDP) growth estimated at -0.6%. This, despite protests of the White House to the contrary, meant that the U.S. met the standard criteria for recession — two consecutive quarters of negative growth.”Everyone talks about recessions as if they should never happen,” financial commentary resource The Kobeissi Letter reacted.”Any economy that is healthy in the long run will have many recessions. If you never have a recession, you just have a bubble. In this case, we just have a bubble and a recession. Fake markets don’t work.”Analyzing the situation in Europe, meanwhile, Robin Brooks, chief economist at the Institute of International Finance (IIF), warned that a “deep” recession was also about to hit the eurozone on the back to consumer confidence data.”With the second quarterly GDP revision negative, […] the White House has stated that this is not the definition of a recession,” popular…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 29 September 2022, 2:30 pm

    Following the Bank of England explaining that it would be meddling in U.K. bond markets and the Bank of Japan defending the yen in the foreign exchange market last week, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) revealed it intervened in forex markets on Wednesday. Hong Kong’s central bank detailed that it interfered in forex markets […]Read More