DeFi 101 – Get on the #Defi Train [UPDATED]

What Is Blockchain Forks?

In this course you’ll learn:

As the crypto-space continues to disrupt various industries, it has also begun to gain mainstream attention. With it, Decentralized Finance has emerged as a nascent space that can truly revolutionize financial markets – but how? And What exactly is Decentralized Finance anyway? In this video, we break down traditional financial structures while introducing the groundwork that defines DeFi.

> MetaMask Tutorial: Within this walkthrough viewers will learn how to properly onboard onto MetaMask, how to Send and Receive transactions, and gain a basic understanding of Gas Fees and Gas Price.

> Decentralized Finance has solidified its presence within the ever-growing Crypto ecosystem. This video serves as a brief tutorial to introducing TokenSets, the multiple trading strategies it has to offer, and how to successfully acquire a portion of a Set

> MakerDAO: Within this tutorial we’ll go over the differences between a Collateral Debt Position and a Multi-Collateral Debt Position. Afterwards, we’ll do a brief explainer detailing the differences between the SAI and DAI stablecoin(s), Liquidation Ratio and Liquidation Fee, as well as the MCD’s Stability Fee.To wrap it up, we’ll dive into a demonstration showing how to properly take out and close a debt position on MakerDAO’s Oasis

> Compound Finance: is considered one of the pioneers of DeFi (alongside Maker). Throughout this walkthrough you can expect to attain: a brief understanding of Compound Finance’s purpose, the differences in being a Supply and a Borrower, and how to earn interest via their cTokens.

+ Bonus material on

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Argent Wallet Tutorial


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