How to Get an Axie Infinity Scholarship


Axie Infinity is one of the hottest and biggest play-to-earn game today, especially in the Philippines. If you didn’t know already, its card game-based gameplay is similar of that of Pokémon where players have creatures called “Axies” that they use to battle against other players and win SLP or “Smooth Love Potion”, the in-game currency.

Axie Infinity: The Complete Class Guide and Tips - GamingonPhoneWhile there is an amazing financial potential in playing Axie Infinity, its greatest barrier to entry is its huge upfront investment. This is not free to play, and you would have to spend a minimum of $1,200, depending on the quality of team you will be getting.

The good news is that you can opt to become an Axie “scholar” instead as an alternative. The concept is that you will find a “manager” which will give you access to their Axie team so that you can play on their behalf and share the earnings. In short, somebody else pays for the team, and you get paid for playing it. How much of the earnings you get will depend on the agreement set by the manager.

Of course, you can save the income you get from playing as a scholar and once you have enough money, you can start your own team. This is a smart decision for anyone who wants to get past the financial barrier of Axie Infinity. But you might be wondering how you can get an Axie Infinity scholarship. Here are some tips for you:

Join Discord Servers – There are a lot of discord servers out there where you can apply for scholarship. There is actually an official server by Axie Infinity, but it is currently full.

Join Facebook Groups – Since Axie Infinity blew up, there have been many pages dedicated for Axie Infinity enthusiasts. You can join these communities to learn about the game, make important connections, and apply for scholarship. Some managers post on Axie Infinity Facebook groups to look for scholars but be sure that you apply to a legitimate manager.

CoinGecko SLP Axie Infinity Check out CoinGecko’s SLP Page – The CoinGecko SLP page is really dedicated to tracking the price of SLP, but it also has a section that provides a list of Axie Infinity scholarships along with the links. So, you definitely want to check that out.

The huge initial investment players need to make really makes Axie Infinity non-inclusive. But thanks to the concept of scholarship, you can play and earn from it for free. You just need to be watchful about managers who are looking for scholars, apply, give your best, and see if the opportunity gives itself to you.


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