How to Transfer Cryptocurrency from Exchange to Hardware Wallet | Ledger Nano S | All Steps

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How to transfer cryptocurrency from Exchange to Hardware wallet | Ledger Nano S | All Steps
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So you can clearly see the wallet has been updated with 50 units of Digibyte. This is your usual wallet and this can be your future wallet. If you know what I’m talking about, you must be aware of cryptocurrencies. Welcome to Katoch tubes, I am your host Paras and in today’s video, I will talk about this wallet, which is called as digital hardware Wallet by Ledger Nano S. Today, I will teach you how you can save or transfer cryptocurrency from an exchange, safely to this digital wallet. This is the future of cryptocurrency. It’s a wallet that will help you secure your crypto investment and help to save it for the longer run. So without any further delay, let’s jump right in. Before I start my video, if you are new to the cryptocurrency world and want to learn about this new industry, there’s a link in the description which you can watch and learn about what is cryptocurrency and how it operates.

So without any further delay, let’s start the video. So I have logged into my MacBook, and you can see a lot of apps on the device and on the bottom you can see Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. So to start with, I have to click on the app name Ledger Live, which is on the bottom left. So now it will ask me to login. So I need to login with my password. So I have logged inside the app on the left-hand side, you can see a lot of options like portfolio, accounts, send, receive, buy & sell, swap, lend and manage. So all these options you can find on the Ledger Live App. So in order to transfer your coins from the exchange to your hardware wallet. First of all, you need to click on the manager option. And when you click on the manager option, it will ask you to authenticate your device by entering the PIN code.

So I need to unlock my device by entering the PIN code, which is assigned by me. Once I enter it, you can see on the bottom, I am entering the PIN code. So I have entered my PIN code, now I need to allow Ledger manager on my device, so I need to click on it and click on the two buttons, which are there on top of it and click on “Allow”. So now that I’m logged in inside my Ledger wallet, you can see there’s an option called “App Catalog” and “App Installed”, which is right here. So the app catalog and apps installed, it actually is a library of all the apps which are there inside the Ledger Nano S wallet. If you want to store a particular coin, you need to search that particular app. For example, if you want to search DOT, you can see Polka Dot is there. You can install that. If you want to install another app. For example, I want to install DGB, which I’ve already installed. Digibyte. So it is coming as installed.

So I’m going to use this particular app inside the Ledger Live to receive coins which are there on the exchange. So this is about app catalog. So I need to go back to the accounts. Let me click on the Accounts. So you can see there’s an option of the coins that I’m holding. You can see the option of Digibyte right over here.

I need to click on this Digibyte option. Because I want to receive Digibyte into my account? So I click on it. So it shows the value of the Digibyte, the current Digibyte that I’m holding, and it has two options, send and receive. So receive is the option that you will use if you want to receive the coins in your hardware wallet. If you want to send it, use the send button. So let me click on receive. So it will ask for the particular coin, the asset that I want to use for a transaction. So click on continue. It will generate a receive address. It will ask me to open the Digibyte app, which I have installed on my Ledger Live. I need to click on it, approve it, the application is ready and now it will generate a receive address. So I need to copy this receive address and go back to the exchange from where I want to transfer my Digibyte.

So as you can see, I am on the exchange now. And the first one you can see DGB, which is four hundred here. So I will transfer 50 units of DGB into my hardware wallet. So I will click on the withdrawal option here. And “please verify the wallet address”. So in this, I need to put my receive address of Ledger Nano S, which is this one and enter the withdrawal amount. So let me say I will enter 50. So the reason why I chose Digibyte is because it is one of the fastest cryptocurrency out there among all the crypto assets. So I will click on the withdraw DGB. It will ask me to enter my Two-Factor authentication code to verify this transaction. So let me enter that code. So I have entered the code, Let me click on withdraw DGB. So after making a transfer, you may need to wait for several minutes. Give it a time of 5 to10 minutes maximum and then go back to your Ledger Live app and check your balance.

It must have been updated. So let us check my balance on Ledger Wallet. So you can clearly see the wallet has been updated with 50 units of Digibyte. It is over 2000 now. And you can see the transaction record right over here, received 49.8 DGB. 0.2 must be a gas fee. That the transaction has charged me. So that’s how you do it. That’s how easily you can transfer any coin from your exchange to a hardware wallet and hit like and share if you loved this video.

So that’s all about the video. I hope you enjoyed the video and do remember to watch the videos shared on the screen. I seen you in the next video with the new updates on cryptocurrency knowledge, till then take care and have a good day.

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