How To Use Blockchain for Business: Intellectual Property and Advertising

Using Blockchain for Business - Intellectual Property and Advertising

In this blockchain for business course video we’re talking about blockchains and how they affect intellectual properties, and advertising. It truly is the technology everyone’s talking about.

blockchain for business courseIt’s still utilized mainly for cryptocurrency but there are many applications a small to medium business owner could incorporate into their business plan.

In our last video, we talked about the shipping process and validating your supply chain.

Today, we’ll look at how you can use blockchains with intellectual property and advertising.

How To Use Blockchain with Intellectual Property and Advertising

Protecting intellectual property is especially hard in the digital era. Hackers and thieves abound on the world wide web and it’s hard to avoid running into them.

Using the blockchains to secure your business’ intellectual property would ensure it can’t be stolen from you, regardless of where, when, and how you publish it.

The Block is tamper-proof, so your property is marked as yours the instant you record the event. blockchain for business course

There’s no way for anyone to claim it’s there’s because the blockchains prove it’s not.

Similarly, selling your intellectual property to customers can easily be managed through the use of blockchain technology.

Block allows a safe sales process and you don’t have to worry about chargebacks (when a customer orders a product, then cancels the payment through their credit card, forcing you to “eat” the cost of the item or service you just sent).

Advertising is a three-ring circus nowadays, with new products hitting the market virtually every second.

How can you ensure your ads reach your target audience?

Blockchain allows you to track your traffic.

how to use blockchain for businessA consumer opening one of your ads creates a blockchained record for you, allowing you to check the circumstances of your ad’s delivery.

You can then target your ads more directly to those customers most interested in your products or services.

With the help of blockchains, ad tech platforms can automate campaigns based on a specified of rules.

If the audience falls into those specific criteria, only then will an ad be visible to them.

However, this process goes both ways. By using the block, you’re letting your customers see how you’re handling their data.

Use it wisely, and you have another strong tool to build trust with your clients.

The most imperative concern for today’s consumer is privacy.

Respect that, and you’ll have a solid and loyal customer base.

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