Man wakes up with $1.3 trillion in cryptocurrency, can’t withdraw it

Man wakes up with $1.3 trillion in cryptocurrency, can’t withdraw it
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For Your Sensitive Skin. well, a lot of us might not fully understand how it actually works. count me in. but when it comes to investing in the stock market cryptocurrency appears to be the new thing. and one Georgia man thought it paid off in a really, really big way for him. Chris Williamson went to 20 bucks and when he checked his phone the next morning.

it looked as though he had become a trillion Erin crypto currency. Chris is with us up, you see you’ve got trillion dollars of crypto currency Newark out what he had to go. I’m going to be honest with late by phone back down. i thought i was dreaming and. last night was dreaming. think about all back up, took another look at it actually a lot about that. that’s a natural reaction. so then you’re starting to process this. what’s your next move in trillion air. pretty much i ran to behind me here and i got on the phone a friend at ridge asked Georgia.

Trying to figure out what was going checked his wallets. and solve that, you know, it was not showing what mine was showing. you know, like Chris. you know, but let’s try to move some of this i think it was like a million points over to another wallet. and that total that the show and a million points or about 15 million. and once we did it was a show what i thought it was show.

So you know, that’s we got touch with Coinbase and that’s when the so ok, so you rocket bunny was where you made the investment Coinbase’s. contacted what they say. what’s going on here. they’re there. that was just a short email. you know, it basically told me they were like looking into this and I’m can you get on a what am i supposed to what the drops i you know, i can’t do anything about county about the trillion out money at all. right. right. right. i hear you. I’m with you.

So i guess the question tonight, are you a trillion error like where does this stand. not honest answer to that is i still don’t have an answer to that yet. i mean, we have. from what i’m understanding, some more people that have experienced some issues with the account that we saw it for us. Coinbase to get in touch with via email this morning after.


You know, maybe I got a whole to this. but it still was sent to me an answer. as of tonight, bike out is still showing one 0.2 trillion dollars and going up or down as the market fluctuates so you’re not on any major spending sprees yet until you confirm whether or not you are in fact, a trillion era. Let’s say you do get a chunk of change from this investment. what’s the first thing you buy. First planned on buying it would have you know. basically I am.

My sister’s house is you know, taking care of my family and then the rest what that’s you know, helping out maybe starting free clinics. Actually, a nursing student dedicated 12 years of my life to caring for people at just because, you if I had that type money. You know, it wouldn’t change a thing. I would finish degree become a nurse and just let wife and do some good. well, Christopher, for your sake. I hope you get a portion of that trillion at some point.

That that you get some bang for your buck. thanks for coming on tonight and keep us posted when they figure out this glitch come back on. yes,.
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