Season 1 | Episode 3: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and NFT’s, OH MY!

Season 1 | Episode 3: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and NFT's, OH MY!
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Hello Chiquis and welcome to chatty Amigas! 
a podcast where two friends approach everyday   problems and find practical solutions. 
we are your hosts i'm Mafe and i'm Mella. and i'm here with my brand new microphone 
it's official guys this is so exciting.   i want to apologize to you 
guys for last week's episode   um this week's episode and next 
week's episode because i um did   not have a microphone i was not prepared i'm 
so sorry but now i got one testing testing. i got one so for the this part it's gonna 
sound great um and Mafe and i actually   did a pre-recorded interview with somebody 
which we'll get to about that in a second,   um so i do apologize this week and next week our 
audio is off we're trying to figure this out we're   very, we're newbs at this um so we also thank 
you for your patience and support nevertheless   but moving forward um we 
should be doing much better.   yes yes and she looks very and sounds very 
professional so if you guys could see her she's   got a fancy microphone in front of her and it's 
it's very professional very own brand puff puffs and speaking about a pre-recorded interview 
i wanted to apologize in advance too because   we recorded this interview a couple weeks ago 
and i was having some technical difficulties so   i apologize for my audio discrepancies 
it kind of crops a little bit in and   out but you know Mella and our fantabulous 
guest speaker they sound perfectly fine so   we're good in that sense but in today's, it 
was not a conspiracy i promise, seriously   so in today's pod, podcast oof podcast we 
will be talking about bitcoin and NFT's   since there is so much information out there yet 
limited in a way because it's you know relatively   new about cryptocurrency and bitcoin and NFT's it 
can be very overwhelming to know where to begin   yes so our practical solution was to actually 
interview the CEO from C3 also known as   creativecryptocollective to help guide us and 
give us some newbie friendly tips.

That is right   so we hope you enjoy our pre-recorded interview so 
let's get right to it, and spill the tea on this. now for our featured guest Hiroyuki Wakabayashi! 
he is also known as Hiro and is the CEO of C3   also known as creative crypto collective their 
first project initiative was deep thought DJ   that's an NFT, thank you so much for meeting with 
us today to discuss cryptocurrency and bitcoin.   hey guys thanks so much for the invite. yes of 
course thanks for joining. uh absolutely we are   so excited to have you as our very first guest, 
bitcoin, NFT's and cryptocurrency is the future   but it can be very intimidating for people 
like you know Melanie and i so our practical   solution was to have Hiro come and talk to us 
about the basics, we feel so honored that you   took the time from your very busy schedule to 
tell us how it works and to give us some starts- yeah of course no doubt. well welcome Hiro. i 
appreciate it you know it's always fun to you   know hop on a call um with anyone really just to 
kind of get people acclimated with um the space uh   it's fast-growing um so it's it's definitely 
has the fast-paced and it could definitely be   intimidating at the start um but yeah it's 
it's always good to kind of at least get   your feet wet understand what's going on because 
it's definitely um prevalent in the world that   we live in, is it's going it's it's kind of 
like uh spreading like wildfire so people are   are really interested in this topic so this is 
going to be a fun one.

Yes absolutely so please,   so please tell us a little about yourself the 
company um at C3 and what actually an NFT is. yeah for sure so um yep you guys 
nailed it so you know Hiro is uh   my alias name actually um there's reasons behind 
that so there's folks that that know me uh very   well behind the scenes we've been building um C3 
for a while now since last year we had we're a   group of 12 individuals it's me my partner and 
quite a few folks so our company started off   with NFT's as our first initiative like 
Melanie mentioned but we really are going   to start diversifying into the space of crypto 
just like any other business there's a lot of   a lot of facets to a business it could be you 
know art creativity you have financial industries   um and the branch goes on and on right so creative 
cryptocollective is going to eventually branch out   into other features of the crypto world 
but for right now our very first project   was creating an NFT and and just to kind of 
get everybody acclimated with what NFT is   i guess i guess we first have to understand what 
NFT stands for um and it stands for non-fungible   tokens so what a fungible token is is like the U.S 
dollar so everybody knows like the U.S dollar it's   taken for like a one-to-one face value so like you 
know wherever you go in the world one dollar is   one dollar so it's universally recognized as that 
and there's multiple uh us dollars like you know   the government can print multiple dollars 
and it will always have that same uh value   excuse me um but a non-fungible token is uh the 
opposite of that so it doesn't have an intrinsic   value tied to one metric so it could really 
be defined to uh whatever anybody wants to put   that that token to be so if we create a token on 
the blockchain which we'll probably get more into   detail how that works anybody could decide what 
the value of that is so i could decide you know   that it's worth one dollar and then somebody else 
buys it and says no i want to pay ten dollars for   it and if somebody says well you know what 
i kind of like it more and i'll give you a   hundred dollars so um yeah it gets interesting 
so it could be worth over a hundred dollars   just because someone decides it's a hundred i'm 
going to buy it or over and it'll have that value   yeah yeah it can um but the most important part 
of the non-fungible token is that it's it's unique   in its identity that there's only that one 
item and it can't be replicated or duplicated   whereas a dollar like you know you could 
print a lot of dollars but uh yeah.   so it's kind of like a collective item but not 

Yeah no that's that's the best way to   uh to put it it's like you know a baseball card 
exactly it's a it's a collectible. ah interesting   that's really interesting very interesting, 
really big right now huh digital collectible items   basically yeah that can go up in value because 
someone feels that it deserves it and they'll put   the money into it and that attracts attention from 
someone else and they'll be like you know what   i want to get that for a thousand dollars so 
it's gonna be worth a thousand dollars now.   yeah yeah for sure digital digital art. wow 
very interesting, crazy, that's amazing.   so let's get into the interview then um thank 
you so much for explaining a little bit of the   background a little bit about you your company um 
we have five burning questions that we feel uh are   practical that'll help anyone that's interested 
into entering the NFT world or the cryptocurrency   world um so these are the five questions 
that we have um one is what motivated you   or essentially what what made you feel this is 
it this is something i want to get into so what   motivated you to get into the bitcoin industry 
like why why did it attract your attention.   gotcha yeah so i mean bitcoin in itself um it 
was introduced uh to me through an employee   uh so i i've been working in the tech industry for 
a while now uh over a decade actually servicing um   financial clients um things like hedge funds which 
pretty much is all like investments with money   um so one of our clients started to look into 
blockchain technology and what blockchain is and   how folks were starting to like build uh digital 
currency on top of it so one of my co-workers told   me hey you know you should check this out learn 
about it and you know me being curious about like   the new tech by nature you know i dove in and 
started learning about it looking into it and   there was nowhere near the amount of information 
like back then that there is now about it so it   was kind of vague um and it was just a lot of like 
speculation on what it was and what it could be   um and this was back in 2015 now so 
you know this was uh some time ago   but it was like an interesting concept um but 
i didn't really take it too seriously at that   time because you know i was prepping i was 
actually prepping to get married so my focus   wasn't really like uh towards cryptocurrencies 
or investments i was just it was just introduced   to me at that time so uh right yeah but 
then fast forward um to the summer of 2017   there was a massive pop in bitcoin like it went 
from like $900 to $3000 and and then there was   like massive drops too like 80% drops and it 
was just like the wild west out there people   were throwing money left and right they were 
making tons of money back, yeah it was crazy and   one of my other friends that works 
in the financial industry he asked me   um if i had made any investments i was like yeah i 
remember bitcoin in theory i remember all that but   i i didn't um kind of didn't finish my research 
so that kind of like rekindled my my uh my   my passion to kind of go after it and see okay 
something's going on here so let me kind of   dig into the technology of uh you know bitcoin and 
decentralization blockchain and and see what you   know what was going on with that so at that time 
it was actually Ethereum that was like the talk   of the town along with bitcoin um because they 
brought what they call uh smart contracts which   is pretty all that really means is that you could 
build like applications on the blockchain and   people were like they would drop like a hundred 
dollars and i kid you not like in a week   hours maybe even like you know like seconds 
they would make a hundred thousand dollars   from like a hundred dollars.

Oh my gosh, what is 
a blockchain i'm sorry i don't know what that is.   yeah yeah no absolutely so i mean it's i guess 
um web 3 is like the talk of the town that's uh   so web 1.0 is like right now like the internet 
that we know what it is today like you thought   you say google but the the blockchain is now web3 
so it's like decentralization where there's this   thing called like the public ledger where somebody 
writes you write like a transaction or like   it's kind of oh okay and it gets solidified 
and it can never be changed like ever there's   nothing that you can do so once you write to the 
blockchain it's stored there for indefinitely   there's no way to uh break it um forever like 
ever. wow no pressure to make mistakes huh. no   exactly yeah and and that's that's the beauty of 
it so it's it's transparent everybody can see it   um if there's a mistake it's it's written there 
forever so yeah it's pretty cool i like that it's   transparent so people know what they're getting 
into it's not like a big vague mysterious.

Ooh   okay okay, right right wow that's pretty amazing 
so so getting into our second question what is the   biggest misconception of bitcoin cryptocurrency
yeah um well i guess like anything you know that   goes against tradition um there's always going 
to be like resistance towards like a new way   of doing things until it's fully understood so in 
the beginning you know everybody was like oh this   is just magic internet uh play money it's it's 
just monopoly money you can't use it anywhere   in the real world like why am i gonna invest or 
buy bitcoin you know um because at the time in   the beginning it was actually being used for 
like money laundering and drugs etc.

Etc. but   just like everything else you know the bad 
folks like to kind of like use anything to   cover their tracks but in the beginning 
it got a really bad rapport but you know   unfortunately that goes for anything really 
to be honest like you know just if we take   something today for example like like a chainsaw 
like a physical chainsaw right like if you don't   understand like the the safety precautions here if 
you don't take safety precautions you could really   hurt yourself right so um it's the same scenario 
if you don't understand what you're getting into   you could definitely burn yourself right when 
it comes to your financial decisions but um that   could be one of the misconceptions so the approach 
that i always tell people is don't dismiss it   just because it's something that you don't 
fully understand like take your time to learn it   understand it because with like early 
opportunities that you know like this that come   not so often it becomes a very great investment if 
you can you know at least understand ten percent   of it you know it don't don't immediately dismiss 
something because you don't understand it you know   like joe sam catherine made one million dollars 
you know like 10 years down the line and you're   like yeah i heard about it and then you decide to 
jump on it and it's like you know those chances   are gone because 10 years ago you could have but 
again not not important because we were scared.   yeah people were very scared of the unknown so if 
someone's unknown or they don't know they're going   to be scared i don't think so but then they 
could miss such a great opportunity.

Exactly   that's right you make a very good point of saying 
don't dismiss it just because you don't understand   i mean this and this is why we're having this 
interview right because a lot of us have no idea   what any of this is about so it's so 
great that you're explaining it this way   and you know it gives people a chance because you 
talked about your story right like you were very   busy at that time when when it was brought to 
you but you didn't fully dismiss it, you know   a couple years down the line you took time to to 
learn about it and now you are making it you know   part of your business so so it's really great to 
hear, yeah, your story.

And knowledge is power   so we want to help everyone especially because 
i think it's still early on enough where people   can jump on it i know that in the IT world five 
years is like 20 but still it's not like it's   been 15 years you know. yeah you know yeah very 
true very interesting so since we're discussing   knowledge is power and looking into the future 
this brings us to our third question which is   why does cryptocurrency or bitcoin matter and 
do you feel that cryptocurrency is the future.   uh yeah i mean yeah absolutely i mean in the 
current world i guess that we live in today   uh you know even more so with like covet 
and and what's and what's going on with   the the world and that that side of it um you 
know we needed to work like remotely and then   digital everything you know became became the new 
normal, right, so we started seeing like this new   shift or parent shift in the way that money was 
like being exchanged everything was just digital   through applications you know and the technologies 
that are coming out of it you know were you know   are going to be like the googles and and amazon 
of the future essentially at least that's the   way that i see that this technology is 
going i mean it's hard to foresee like   which ones are going to make it but if you take a 
few minutes like just research the technology the   teams that are building it doesn't hurt to drop 
some investments in um again that's what i have   to disclose like i'm not a financial advisor i'm 
not qualified to make financial advice or anything   like that so i have to disclose, like always do 
your own research you know in the tech space um   everybody says d-y-o-r like that's like the talk 
of the town but um i guess in an example uh on   the current like boom that we were talking about 
um for NFT's right like in the future of crypto   um so the whole non-fungible token things you 
know you got i don't know if you guys heard of it   or not but like have you guys heard the board ape 
yacht club or crypto punks have you heard of those   or.

No and now some of our listeners probably 
don't so please feel free to explain. yes. yeah   yeah no i mean so if you guys you guys could 
google them now so crypto punks i think was one   of the very first ones to really be recognized um 
and board apes were i guess you could say that the   second in line that were like really recognized 
worldwide and and their value like really like   popped off and and they made some absurd numbers 
i mean like if you google it i think a crypto punk   sold for like a hundred million dollars like 

Yeah wow that's crazy. and the board apes   sold for like millions of dollars so yeah i mean 
like there's a lot of craziness going on in the   NFT space so this is definitely i would say is the 
new wave that's happening right now that people   are saying the same thing when bitcoin started i 
don't understand it it's stupid it makes no sense   yet like you know those that take the time to 
jump in and learn about it you know massive   opportunities arise um so me and my team you 
know we're building we've been building this   this project um it's called Deep Thought DJ you 
know it has incredible art um so the crypto punks   and uh board apes well the crypto the crypto punk 
specifically it may be really confusing to a lot   of people because the artwork is actually pixel 
art pixelated art and it actually does not and a   lot of people say it doesn't even look like art 
like i don't understand why this image is worth   12 million dollars, a million dollars even even uh 
50 dollars, some people to say but you know it's   interesting just to kind of jump in there and 
kind of take take a look so um yeah the future   right now definitely is NFT's.

Yeah and it's it 
goes with the phrase just a once a man trash can   be somebody's treasure, yeah i feel like it 
feels that's right it goes so well with this   how many words like this that are common 
that we can use for this interview   but it's true it's like these little simple 
proverbs that are applying so well to this.   and the crazy thing is like at least for our 
project in particular um we have an extremely   talented artist and again you know you guys 
can definitely check it out Deep Thought DJ um   we're our platform we're actually marrying it 
together with mental health, health charities   and with the power of blockchain which you get 
royalties off of every single sale we're actually   going to be donating that indefinitely to mental 
health charities so you know that's we launched.   yeah it's actually pretty pretty cool.

technology that's that's out there that can   be used to to actually help others as well yeah 
absolutely absolutely that's great. go ahead no,   go ahead sorry. uh i was just gonna say i like 
your NF's i've seen them i think they're so cool   yeah yeah no i mean people the cool thing 
about our project is that we actually um   we've done zero paid promotion it's been all 
word of mouth we created seven thousand seven   hundred seventy seven images we've sold over over 
a thousand already um i actually haven't checked   where we are right now but we're projected to 
hopefully sell out you know in the next maybe   a month or so maybe even sooner um a lot a lot of 
folks i'm not gonna name drop but a lot of folks   are watching us.

Wow i hope things go well, yes. 
absolutely absolutely so for our next question   speaking of this right, because a lot of us have 
no knowledge and you're i mean, you know so much   and it's just so great to be able to hear you but 
for someone that has no knowledge of this but is   interested in investing into a cryptocurrency 
what are the top three tips that you feel are   so important for somebody to consider. yeah i know 
this is a great question and i i feel like this is   the question i'm asked the most often um and again 
i'm not a financial advisor you know you gotta do   your own research um you know but the rules that 
i personally go by and i tell folks to apply um   number one i say i would say is only invest where 
you can afford to lose like a hundred percent   like you know don't don't take your rent money, 
don't take your rent money and then try to like   invest in a crypto or NFT and then try and flip it 
and you know make a thousand dollars off of that   or more because the honest truth is that just as 
high as the value can be it can be lost the next   day or that minute even so you know definitely 
don't invest where you can afford to lose um   another tip uh or number two i guess would be like 
don't become emotionally attached to investments   and i think this really applies to anything right 
because once you're emotionally attached and i'll   give an example let's say let's say you you didn't 
listen to rule number one and then you invested   um you know your rent money and you see the 
number dropping five percent and you're like   oh man this is like you know i'm gonna lose my 
rent money this is i i need this and you pull   it out and then literally right when you pull it 
out you see it spikes up a hundred percent and   you're like man i could have made an extra $100 
so becoming emotionally attached to something or   any investment takes your logic out of it and you 
definitely don't want to do that um and i guess   the last one is just never stop like learning 
researching networking building and you know this   platform is forever growing and it has so much 
life-changing opportunities happening right now   like imagine investing in Apple or Google Amazon 
or Tesla like in their inception when they started   you know yeah where would you be today so you 
know it's a lot more saturated now for sure right   but i think only five percent of the world still 
understand it and even then like even though the   five percent that do understand it are still 
learning so so much um and i'll give you even   one more bonus it's like the best times to start 
investing are two times: yesterday and today.   that's perfect thank you thank you so much.

for sure. wow okay and my brain is just like   turning a lot right now so i'm just like soaking 
that all in i know um so since we're talking   about a timing to invest today or to yesterday 
so our last question here is what is something   you wish you knew before investing into bitcoin 
or NFT's since that is the thing happening now.   yeah i mean um no one knows everything in 
the space like i mentioned you know people   are still learning every day and growing um 
but i guess the one thing i wish i didn't do   was dismiss it when i first heard about it um 
you know when opportunities arise just like i   mentioned you know make a small investment even 
if it's only $10 $50, $100 you know who cares   about the money honestly like it that doesn't 
even matter it's the experience that's gonna go   and take you much further and prime and fuel you 
along the way like as you go and you make those   those life decisions um i know for me like you 
know and i guess for a lot of people you know   that nine to five you know everybody's like oh 
i hate doing this whole nine to five and and uh   i want to invest you know on something 
that could take me out of that right so   um you know a lot of these moments uh can can 
help you uh get out of that you know negative   space that you're in just by learning one percent 
of it and just dropping you know a little bit of   if you can again like i mentioned you can afford 
10 20 50 whatever it is just drop a little bit   because once you immerse yourself in the space 
and you actually are invested you're gonna find   yourself learning a lot more than somebody who's 
just outside watching waiting to get in it's like   like sports like i play basketball i could watch 
basketball videos on Youtube all day long but if i   don't go in there and i actually start don't start 
shooting the ball there's no way that i'm actually   gonna become a better basketball player so if 
investments is the same thing you.

I love that i love that. you could watch Youtube 
videos and learn how to play um every   you know every day all day but that's not 
going to give you real real world experience   until you actually get on the basketball court and 
start you know dribbling shooting the ball playing   with other people understanding you know the 
mechanics of how to move around people and dribble   same thing with um investments you know you have 
to financially um invest in in the industry in   yourself and really start learning how to move 
around with blockchain cryptocurrencies NFT's   and actually meet people network understand how 
the space runs how it works because if you're   standing on the sidelines watching it's a whole 
different game and you're only going to gain that   experience when you're actually out there making 
financial decisions and moves and again you know   i always go back to the same thing even if you 
invest 10 dollars and you lose 50% that risk is   much more manageable than if you drop 10, 000 and 
you lose 50% so that's why i always say you know   yeah so definitely that that would be um something 
for sure that i would i would do.

I appreciate   that you said that because when people discuss 
investing in finances you think oh a million   dollars a billion dollars like like no one really 
thinks it can just be five dollars it could be   ten dollars you know nowadays you can't even buy 
coffee for like four dollars you know and if you   want to put that four dollars into cryptocurrency 
or an NFT you can get double back which is nice   it's better than nothing. yeah for sure and that 
is the space is very um yeah it's very interesting   there's a lot going on and i feel like we just 
only hit the surface to be honest there's just   so much more to dive into but and this is why 
why i love this this space is really interesting.   yeah it sounds it my mind is just like, the 
wheels are going, they're going. yeah. it's   just it's so great thank you, thank you so much 
Hiro for giving us such a great insight into   cryptocurrency and NFT's, and what you're doing 
we are so sure our listeners will find this super   helpful and we wish you the very best and utmost 

If you want our listeners to to find you   on on social media please feel free to say or 
or your company you know feel free but we are   so grateful that you were able to do this with 
us. and we'll put your social media handles um   on everything we have description everything 
so if anybody listening wants to access C3   um feel free to do so, i didn't mean to make it 
rhyme. no you're good thank you so much guys i   appreciate it i had a blast yeah you can find us 
on Twitter at Deep Thought DJ NFT_ you can find   us on our discord as well which our community 
is highly active and we're engaged daily there   which is also in the Twitter if you go to our 
Twitter you'll see all our link tree on everything   our website our discord our Instagram our Tik 
Tok we have everything on there so definitely   give us a follow um and thank you guys again for 
putting this together it was, it was a pleasure.   thanks for joining, thank you so much we so 
appreciate it, thank you, thank you bye-bye that is it for our podcast today thank you so 
much for listening we sincerely hope you liked it.   yes so much information our brains are turning 
so exciting thank you again yeah the CEO from   C3 from visiting us and interviewing with us 
oh we feel so honored honestly and um we would   love to know what you guys think about this 
episode what you think so please please please   feel free to leave us a comment dm us contact us 
in any social media handle whatsoever that we have   feel free to let us know what topics you would 
like for us to discuss in the future and what you   thought about this episode this week.

that's right 
and honestly he is, he's like a walking brain he   has so much information to share and we are so 
happy that he explained it in a way that all of   us can understand so please subscribe give us a 
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on the description down below,   so important to repeat it twice and um again thank 
you so much Hiro for appearing in this interview   thank you so much for listening Chiquis we 
will be back every Tuesday with the tea, bye..

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