This is how you debunk F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt)

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This week, bearish market conditions were interrupted by a strong bounce. Is this a relief rally? Are we still in a bull market? Have we hit the bottom?

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (“FUD”) are everywhere. Now is the time to learn, strategize, and plan your next move. Nothing debunks FUD like facts, frameworks, and fearlessness.

Crypto Investment School starts June 15th and will give you:

  • Walkthroughs of the most popular ‘blue chip’ DeFi tools – and which ones to avoid
  • Hard data and personal guidance from crypto pros to cut through mainstream media FUD
  • Battle-tested crypto investment fundamentals, frameworks, and plans

We just added three new experts to the curriculum that will share their knowledge, experiences, and tactics developed to thrive in crypto:

  • David Espinosa de Los Monteros: FOREX trader and crypto investor since 2012, Founder of the DeFi Trader Youtube channel, and DeFi Institute learning hub with a premium Discord and public Telegram community
  • Michael Rosmer: Crypto investor since 2013 and Co-Founder of decentralized cross-chain asset management protocol DeFiYield.App, author of The Wall Street Era is Over: The Investor’s Guide to Cryptocurrency and DeFi
  • Greg Foss: Bitcoin Strategist and 32 year high-yield credit trader, author of Why Every Fixed Income Investor Needs to Consider Bitcoin As Portfolio Insurance, speaker at Bitcoin Miami 2021

Bull markets make you money, bear markets make you rich. Join the next cohort to learn and network together with a community reclaiming their sovereignty through crypto investing.

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