Top 5 Crypto to buy in 2022 (INSANE Potential)

Top 5 Crypto to buy in 2022 (INSANE Potential)
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hi and welcome back to cheeky crypto my name's 
chris and it's fantastic to have you back with us   for another video and in today's video we're 
going to continue the series where we break   down the crypto market into sectors highlighting 
five or six projects in that sector that we think   are going to do really really well and have good 
potential we do this not to get you to fomo into   the projects but for you to go away and do your 
own research there's no substitute for doing your   own research now for me this is an important 
sector and a sector that i think is massively   overlooked and one that i think investment is 
really important into and that is cyber security i   think this is a sector that you know we could all 
benefit from as investors you know we've all seen   those hacks and you know uh pools being drained 
by bad actors and ultimately you know we see it   left right and center at the moment with all these 
centralized projects and decentralized projects   taking our hard-earned cash or crypto so you know 
for me really important sector and i think it's   going to do really well in the long term so if 
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be educated so let's get down to the desktop   okay so before we get into poly swarm 
which is one of the hidden gems that i've   called out in the past and i do think it's 
going to continue to do really really well   um you know it's really important i'm not trying 
to get anybody to fomo into these projects   um i'm not a financial advisor this should be 
treated as educational purposes only what i really   want to do is just bring projects that perhaps 
aren't sort of you know mainstream to to people's   attention right because ultimately this sector 
i think is a very powerful and important sector   within the crypto space and these projects i think 
you know are valuable projects for us to stop   losing our money to bad actors in this space in 
various different ways so um you know treat this   as educational purposes only go away and do your 
research on these project projects you know and   see if they resonate with you right just because i 
believe that these projects are going to do really   well doesn't necessarily mean that's gonna be what 
happens um you know although we've got a fantastic   track record and none of this is endorsed by any 
of these projects we're not paid to talk about   them or anything like that um you know you've got 
got to just take my word for that right and that's   why there's no substitute for doing your own reset 
so let's get into this one so polly swarm and   basically um we've had the ceo of polly swarm on 
the channel great interview do check it out if you   haven't seen it already where he sort of breaks 
down the detail of this project in in much more   detail than i'm going to do um but basically 
they they basically detect and respond to new   and amount uh emerging malware and they do this 
really fast so this for me is really important   because it's ultimately it's a way to keep us 
safer in the space i think this project is going   to do really well i originally highlighted 
this really early about half a cent i was   doing a lot of research it was coming up and 
the team just looked immense the tech just   looked immense and well the use case you kind 
of already can tell my thoughts on the use case   um so it's ranked 502nd by market cap it's 
up 12.48 at the time of recording at 0.01741 ticker is nct um now what i would say is utilize 
uh technical analysis elliott wave theory   and all of the tools that are available in order 
to make sure that you maximize the amount of coins   or tokens that you get for your money and you can 
jump in our discord link is in the description   it's free to join we have a great community 
supporting one another even if your experience   jump in and help some of the inexperienced people 
in this space learn from the mistakes we made   so they don't have to make them right um it's 
all about harboring adoption of cryptocurrency   in my opinion um and if you want sort of more 
information and technical analysis and elliott   way theory you have the option to become a member 
about the links in the description and there's a   few different uh options or tiers uh if that is of 
interest to you so yeah poli swarm's the first one   out of the five in this sector that i'm going 
to call out it is the one that i really do like   in this sector and you know let's get into to the 
next one do you ever feel like this using ethereum open network offers lightning fast transactions 
with low fees so you can do more of the things   you love to do in crypto we bring the power of 
web 2 on chain paving the way for next gen ideas   like nfts that change based on your video game 
scores or automatic airdrops for everyday things   like sending tweets shopping online or just 
ordering delivery open network delivers a faster   cheaper and smarter experience for ethereum's next 
billion users get started today okay so lossless   now lossless made some headlines right when there 
was a really really big hack and um you know the   support that they were able to implement right 
and they're restoring trust in web free security   um and i think this is a pro project definitely 
to to do some research on i think you know it'd be   time well spent uh again this is another project 
alongside polly swann that i really really do like   now this one is currently up 4.86 at 0.115 ranked 
836 by market cap the ticker is lss again i think   this is a project that will do really really well 
and i think it's as you know as cheap as chips at   the moment but utilize that technical analysis to 
make sure you're getting the most for your money   moving on and we've got happy so you know it's 
a on-chain security or cyber security protocol   definitely worth going and taking a look at doing 
some research on it's not one of my favorites in   this um sector but you know i do think that it's 
worth you know spending the time to have a look at   it you know with trustless oracle preventing 
hacker attacks so you know you know it has a   place in the space uh ranked 921st by market 
cap ticker is h-a-p-i it's uh 6.55 up 3.77   at the time of recording this one could be one 
of those gems go do some research on it moving on   and we've got this particular project that i think 
again is going to do really well around security   oracle so on chain safeguards to provide security 
insights and prevent attacks in real time again   this one's going to do really really well in 
my opinion ctk is the ticker it's up to 0.84   at the time of recording at 81.39 again definitely 
go do your research on this project it you know it   will be time well spent in my opinion and moving 
on to the fifth and the final project and that's   quant stamp leader in web free security you know 
a lot of these projects you know obviously all   in the same sector are doing very similar things 
um but again it's you know trying to prevent risk   within the sector and shielding our crypto right 
so definitely worth taking a look at that one   ranked 631st by market cap the ticker is qsp and 
it's up 6.98 at the time of recording at 0.021   four two uh again i think this is definitely one 
to go take a look at now i mentioned how i feel   that this is a really really important sector 
let me know what your thoughts and opinions are   on these projects in the comments below i will 
be looking to do some write-ups on the projects   that i've highlighted in today's video for 
patreon members but do bear with me i do about   one right up roughly a day and trying to give 
you guys as much information as i can find   on the internet so you can make more informed 
decisions about the projects that you invest in   obviously you know go away and do your own 
research all of this information is available   on the internet and if it's not reach out 
to the teams you know if they're a good you   know um team then they would be willing to you 
know i guess they would encourage people to ask   questions uh and get the answers in order to 
make a informed decision to invest or not so   those are the projects in this sector and it's 
an important sector in my opinion so definitely   you know take the time and look at these projects 
because i think they're going to do really well in   the long term i really really do so i hope you 
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sectors of the space you can find them in the   channel so yeah check them out it's definitely 
worth doing thanks for watching today's video   i really appreciate you taking the time to view 
today and i'll catch you in the next one take care you

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